10 Low-Fat Recipes Perfect for Post-Gym Recovery

Chicken and Rice

A dish that many of us can cook without much effort or stress would be chicken and rice, what may sound like a basic and rather boring dish can be personalized to include as many flavors and spice as you desire. Simply cook up your chicken which can be marinated in seasoning and sauce to add extra flavor and serve with rice mixed with your favorite vegetables for a low-fat meal that can fuel you for your next workout.  


Pesto Pasta

Another dish that is loaded with carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables for all of your muscle gain and workout fuel would be pesto pasta, this is another dish that can be put together in no time, and ingredients can be added or removed to fit your nutritional requirements and diet plan. If you require extra protein why not add some grilled chicken and toasted peanuts for extra texture, taste, and most importantly protein which can be used to help improve your muscle gains and strength whilst you are going through an intense workout or weight training session.  


Steak and Chips

Luxury meals such as a nice steak and chips do not have to be off-limits when you are watching what you are eating and trying to stick to a healthy meal plan, steak and other red meats in the same food group are a great source of protein which carries the enzymes needed for muscle growth and repair. As a low-fat alternative to the more traditional fried chips why not oven cook or air fry your sliced potato for a low-fat alternative to the popular fried food. For extra nutritional value in the meal serve with your favorite vegetables on the side.  


Full English Breakfast

Another meal that you would have thought would be off-limits if you are watching what you eat would be the traditional English breakfast, what is usually a highly calorific meal can be altered to be a healthy breakfast that can be enjoyed by anyone without the guilt of indulging in foods that are high in saturated fats and oil. By replacing the bacon and sausages with low-fat vegetarian alternatives or with reduced salt and fat and oven cooking and air frying instead of cooking in extra oil you can enjoy a classic English breakfast safe in the knowledge that it is very nutritious.  



Omelets are a great lunch or breakfast dish that can be packed with protein and vegetables to provide the best pre or post-workout dish to help give you the energy and fuel you need. By combining three eggs with any seasonings, protein, and vegetables that you enjoy and frying them together in a large patty shape you are provided with an extremely tasty dish that is going to set you up for the day. If you are muscle building a large amount of protein within this dish is going to be just what you need to see enhanced levels of results and gains.  


Roast Chicken

Roast chicken would have to be one of the most versatile dishes on this list, with huge amounts of protein and low-fat levels when cooked in the oven, and any residual oil left to drain it is also very healthy. This dish would be great when used alongside a weight loss supplement such as Lean Bean as it is very low in calories especially when combined with healthy sides such as side salad or steamed vegetables, if you are unsure about weight loss supplements then look online where the lean bean fat burner reviewed is available to read to give you the rundown of what this product is all about.  



Bolognese is a traditional Italian dish that provides the opportunity to have a truly balanced meal featuring many of the food groups ion one dish, with the protein coming from your ground beef, vegetables coming from the sauce, peppers, and mushrooms and carbohydrates from the pasta, this dish is very filling and fueling whilst remaining incredibly balanced and nutritious. This dish would also be perfect for those of you cooking for large families as it is something that is generally enjoyed by many and you can hide plenty of vegetables within the meal. 


Avocado Toast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but for those of you that take part in intense workouts early in the morning, it can be easy to just have a protein shake to avoid having a big meal. A small snack breakfast that is perfect for when you want something light would be avocado toast which is incredibly low in calories. Avocado on toast is a quick and easy breakfast that can feel you for long enough to get you through the workout without leaving you feeling bloated,  



Another meal that would be perfect for when you want to eat well but wants to avoid making numerous dishes for the family, tortillas served with grilled chicken or red meat with your preferred salad or sauces is a great meal for all the family to enjoy. This dish is easy to make and if you serve everything individually everyone can choose what to fill their tortillas with so you can choose what to avoid if it doesn’t fit with your meal plan or required calorie intake.  


Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a great breakfast that can be prepared the morning beforehand so that you can grab it for on the go when you are in a rush in the morning, it is very important for your workouts that you are eating at healthy times of the day and starting your day with a filling breakfast is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Simply combine oats with yogurt and fruit or flavorings of your choice for a light meal that will keep you going until lunchtime, if you are someone who eats on the go then put the oats into a jar for easy transportation.  

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