Can I Book A Table At Yo Sushi?

Can I Book A Table At Yo Sushi?

Yes! Most YO! There are high chairs available at restaurants, but we strongly recommend you request one in advance of your reservation if you need one.

Can You Order Yo Sushi For Collection?

YO pre-orders are now available. You can shop online and collect at a time that suits you. It should be simple, fast, and convenient.

Does Yo Sushi Still Do Green Wednesday?

We’re back with Green Wednesday!!

Is Yo Sushi Closing Down?

A company-wide restructuring will result in the closure of 19 restaurants and the loss of 250 jobs at Sushi. As part of its voluntary arrangement (CVA), the company will close loss-making sites.

Does Yo Sushi Contain Alcohol?

We use only authentic ingredients such as soy sauce, mirin, and rice vinegar, which do contain small amounts of alcohol, to make our delicious Japanese food.

Do Yo Sushi Do Blue Mondays?

Yo! every week!! Blue Monday is a special day at Sushi where customers can enjoy 45 dishes for just £2 per person. There are vegan and vegetarian dishes available, such as Tofu Katsu Curry, which can be ordered off the conveyor belt.

Does Yo Sushi Have A Student Discount?

YO is a great way to fuel your brain. YO offers 20% off to students. There is no need to worry about meat or vegetables being included. You will need to create an UNiDAYS account.

How Much Do People Spend At Yo Sushi?

There are 120,000 guests at Sushi UK every week, or 6 million a year. Spending per head: £15 on average.

How Much Did Yo Sushi Sell For?

A deal worth £81 million was struck for sushi. Yo!, a Japanese restaurant chain, has been acquired by a mid-market private equity firm. It is estimated that the business is worth £81 million.

How Many Yo Sushi Sites Are There In The Uk?

YO is located in more than 100 locations in the UK, so you’re never far away from your next YO.

Is Yo Sushi A Franchise?

The YO! Since its founding in 1997, the sushi franchise has grown steadily and is now a global brand. YO! is a great place for franchise owners interested in starting a restaurant business. It is possible to become a part of a highly successful and trusted brand by joining the sushi industry.

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