Does Kobe Have Sushi?

Does Kobe Have Sushi?


What Is In A Kobe Roll?

Shrimp tempura and smoked salmon are inside. Served with spicy tuna and a spicy sauce.

Does Kobe Have All You Can Eat?

Our teppanyaki style cuisine and all you can eat sushi are now available in our full bar.

What Kind Of Restaurant Is Kobe?

Located in a unique and memorable setting, Kobe Sushi, Hibachi and Seafood Restaurant serves the finest Japanese and Seafood cuisine.

Can I Bring A Cake To Kobe?

Do we have the option of bringing our own cake? Yes! Let your hostess know that you would like to store your cake in the appropriate location.

Does Kobe Have Vegan Options?

There are vegan options available as well as meat options. Vegetarians can enjoy tofu and veggie hibachi at Japanese steakhouses and sushi restaurants, as well as veggie sushi and veggie appetizers such as spring rolls and veggie tempura (although they may be cooked in a shared fryer).

What Is The Kobe Trio?

AVANILLA AND RIPE BLACK CURRANTS WITH LICORICE, BLACK FRUIT AND CASSIS AROMAS. A blend of plum compos, sugary, green tea, and coconut with berries, black cherries, and pineapples.

How Much Does Kobe Cost?

Steak & Chicken


KOBE Dinner


Vegetable Delight


Tuna Steak


Tuna Steak, Shrimp Or Scallops.


Who Owns Kobe Steakhouse?

In this interview, Chau Nguyen, the current owner of Kobe Steakhouse and the son of founder Doi Tan Nguyen, talks about the first days of Kobe Steakhouse here in Altamonte Springs, as well as their plans for the future. Doi Tan Nguyen and his son Chau left Montreal, Canada, in 1984.

Is Kobe All You Can Eat?

We now offer a full bar, teppanyaki style cuisine, and all the sushi you can eat at Kobe Japanese Steak House.

What Food Did Kobe Eat?

When Bryant and Vanessa first began dating, Vanessa introduced him to her childhood favorite restaurant, El Camino Real. Carne asada tostada, carnitas, and flan, with a cantaloupe agua fresca, were Bryant’s favorite dishes.

What Was Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Meal?

During an interview, Kobe Bryant mentioned that he loved frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce the most. He said that he enjoyed eating these delicious little snacks every time he ate at his table.

How Long Does It Take To Eat At Kobe?

It takes 1-2 hours for your order to arrive, depending on the size. Our meal lasted about two hours, but that was only because we were taking our time and celebrating together.

What Type Of Restaurant Is Kobe’s?

A Japanese Steakhouse of the highest quality, Kobé Japanese Steakhouse is Florida’s premier. Our skilled chefs prepare guests’ meals right before their eyes with their culinary skills, which is what we specialize in.

What Restaurant Is Similar To Benihana?

In 1945, Misono opened its first teppanyaki restaurant. As Misono became famous for its chefs, who juggle condiments and dazzle diners with their signature dish, the flaming onion volcano, they were flanked by hibachi grills.

Can You Share A Plate At Kobe?

We were able to share, and there is plenty of food for two people.

What Should I Wear To Kobe Steakhouse?

We require casual attire at work. Our guests should feel comfortable when they visit us. The weather is beautiful this summer, so jeans and shorts are allowed.

Is Kobe’s Free On Your Birthday?

You can get up to $15 off a single entrée Friday-Saturday or $25 off a single entrée Sunday-Thursday with this offer. Reward valid for a purchase of another full-priced entrée during the month of the Reward member’s birthday. A Kobe chef hat and complimentary cupcake are included in the Kobé’s signature celebration package.

Do You Need Reservations For Kobe?

We now accept walk-ins as well as reservations. In order to protect yourself, KOBE recommends guests wear masks when entering and waiting in the restaurant.

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