Is Sushi Cat Good Battle Cats?

Is Sushi Cat Good Battle Cats?

This cat is a very useful tool for stopping the advancement of Bore, One Horn, Shy Boy, and other Red enemies, as it can soak up damage from them while simultaneously weakening them. As one unit stalls the enemies while the other freezes them, iCat can be very effective.

What Is The Most Damaging Cat In Battle Cats?

Most of the earlier stages of the game are recommended for Bahamut Cat due to its devastating attacks. By unlocking him, early Stories of Legend sub-chapters can be much easier to complete, since he can eliminate most of the enemies in a few hits.

What Is The Best Anti Floating Cat In Battle Cats?

I personally like Shaman Cat for Bun Bun (it’s cheap and spammable, and it’s only a Rare Cat, so you can easily get it if you don’t already have it). The Cat Guide will display all Anti-Floating Cats if you click on Filter and then Floating.

What Is The Slowest Cat In Battle Cats?

In addition to the Iron Wall Cat, Freshman Cat Jobs is the slowest Cat Unit in the game, tied with Mighty Kristul Muu and Li’l Clops Cat Egg.

What Is The Cutest Cat In Battle Cats?

During The Dynamites, Air Busters, Superfest, Epicfest, and Uberfest, you can unlock Baby Cat, an Uber Rare Cat.

How Much Damage Does Cat Do In Battle Cats?



Attack Power

Attack Range

100 HP

8 damage (6.49 DPS)


Health (Lv.20+90)

Attack Power (Lv.20+90)

Attack Type

4,450 HP

355 damage (287.84 DPS)

Single Target

Which Cat Is The Strongest In Battle Cats?

Bahamut Cat


Attack Power


1,500 HP

5,000 damage (250 DPS)

3 times

Health (Lv.30)

Attack Power (Lv.30)

Special Ability

25,500 HP

85,000 damage (4,250 DPS)

What’s The Hardest Enemy In Battle Cats?

There are only a few enemies in the game that deal 99,999 damage at 100% magnification, including Pikotaro.

What Does Slow Do Battle Cats?

A slow cat has an Ability like this. During this period, they can temporarily slow a specific trait(s) of an enemy to a movement speed of one. If an enemy already has a movement speed of 1 or is immune to slow, it does not affect them.

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