Know The Preparation And Uses Of Brown Butter

Know The Preparation And Uses Of Brown Butter


There are very few people in the world who do not like butter in their food. Believe it or not, butter makes every food tastier. Just by adding some butter to the food, you can completely enhance the taste and the quality of the overall food that has been prepared. Butter is used in different types of food. There is not a single cuisine where you would not find butter being added to a great extent. This is because it certainly does provide your food with the required taste. One type of butter happens to be brown butter, and brown butter makes everything yummy.  

What is brown butter?

Brown butter is considered mostly to be a French cooking technique. It can get quite complex if not prepared properly and with the ultimate care. There is a much higher possibility and chance that the butter gets burned if not cooked using the proper technique or temperature. This brown butter is often referred to as beurre noisette in French. It requires unsalted butter to cook the best brown butter and use it in plenty of other recipes. Brown butter either tastes toasty and nutty. Along with that, the flavor of brown butter also happens to be richer, deeper, and also quite intense. 

How to make brown butter in a gas?

Brown butter is the key to enrich the taste of your food just by adding it as a topping. The question is, how to make a perfect and not overcooked brown butter at home all by yourself without any professional help? The answer is quite easy. It’s doesn’t need any prior cooking experience to make the perfect brown butter at home. Here are a few steps you need to follow carefully to make brown butter at home.

  • Get any packet of butter from your favorite brand of butter available in the market. It doesn’t matter which butter you bring in to make brown butter at home. 
  • Place the butter on the saucepan and start melting the butter on medium flame. To avoid the chance of overcooking the butter, all you have to do is keep the fire at a low flame. 
  • When the butter on the pan starts melting due to the exposure to fire, don’t forget to stir the butter in the saucepan with a spatula, which will make sure the milk solids don’t stick to the saucepan. Stir the butter carefully and slowly without overdoing the entire process.
  • Stir the butter and keep it on low flame till the butter starts to foam and until the color of the butter is changed to tan brown from yellow. 
  • Stop the heating process once the butter scent starts to smell nutty. If you don’t stop the heating at the right moment, the butter will end up either completely burnt or overcooked. 
  • You can eat your brown butter right at the moment when you are done creating it, or you can also store the brown butter in the refrigerator for future use.

How to prepare Brown butter in a microwave?

Not everyone has a burner where they can cook. Some people also find it extremely convenient and comfortable to cook food in a microwave. Similarly, you can also prepare Brown butter in a microwave in the simplest steps. The most important thing about preparing brown butter in a microwave is that it does not take much time for the preparation process. The entire method takes two simple steps. 

  • You would at first need a micro-safe bowl where you can place the salted butter. 
  • After you have done that, you need to cover the bowl. 
  • Place it in the microwave and cook it for four to five minutes. 
  • After the given time, you will find that the butter has turned golden brown butter. 

You need to keep in mind that the entire process needs to be done in high power, depending on the type of microwave you have. This way, the process of brown butter in a microwave becomes a lot easier and faster. You would not need to put in a lot of effort that any good burner preparation of brown butter requires. 

Uses of Brown Butter In Various Recipes

Brown butter is something that can either be used in its liquid state or in the solidified state. If you do not have regular butter, then you can always use brown butter as a substitution. The taste, in fact, would be much refined and better than the taste that regular butter would give you. Given the taste and the consistency of brown butter, there are plenty of recipes where you can add brown butter. Some of the applications of brown butter in different recipes are given below: 

  • If you are deciding to have nothing but sauteed or broiled vegetables, brown butter can complement the vegetables very well. 
  • Brown butter goes excellent with any fish dish you are cooking at home. The fish, too, can be of any type. Brown butter and fish are a great combination. 
  • Another ingredient with which brown butter can taste extremely flavorful is pasta. No matter what kind of pasta dish you desire to be cooking, even a drop of brown better can definitely make it taste better. 
  • You can use brown butter on frostings and even in various kinds of baked foods, be it sweet or savory. Some of the sweet baked recipes that use brown butter are cookies, banana bread, snickerdoodles, and others. 
  • You can add a sage flavored brown butter sauce to ravioli with any kind of vegetable stuffing. 
  • Noodles can be enjoyed with a good amount of drizzle of brown butter on top of it. 
  • Mashed potatoes, polenta, or risotto can equally complement with a beautifully cooked brown butter. 
  • Drizzle brown butter on any spicy chicken recipe and enjoy its enhanced taste. 

The best feature of the brown butter is that its bold flavor would definitely make your food taste impeccable as well. 

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