Salty Vs Sweet: The Pros and Cons of Both Types of Food

The comparison between salty and sweet is an age-old discussion. In terms of taste, there has always been a conflict in opinion over which one is better. Depending on how your body is wired, you will favor one of the two. Some people call themselves sweet people while others prefer savory. Though we will never agree on which one tastes better, something that we can do is look at the pros and cons of each and see how each benefits the body. Here are the pros and cons of both salty and sweet food.  

 Salty Pros and Cons


Salt can balance out your blood sugar levels 

When it comes to conditions such as diabetes, scientists have discovered that there is a correlation between low salt intake and high mortality rates. Evidence strongly suggests that having a moderately salty diet can normalize blood glucose levels. Though it is not recommended that you drastically increase the amount of salt in your diet,  slightly increasing your standard intake of salt can actually be extremely beneficial to people who have to deal with fluctuations in their blood glucose levels.  

The benefit of Sodium  

Something that you may already know is that salt contains sodium. Sodium is an essential part of maintaining functioning cells.  Something that you may not know is that sodium is an essential part of building muscle, due to the fact it increases the multiplication of the cells within your muscles.  Sodium has a number of other benefits for your body that you may not even know about.  For example, did you know that an intake of salt can actually increase the power of the nerve signals in your body, which means that your body will be able to recognize sensations of pain, etc easier? On top of all of the other ways in which salt helps your body, it also helps to control the balance of water in the body by working with potassium to rid the body of waste.  

Lower Inflammation  

One of the main components of salt is chloride, which is an essential tool in the body for creating stomach acid which is used to kill any unwanted bacteria found in our food.  This means that having salt as a part of your diet is essential as it enables the right function of your digestive system. The chloride that can be found in salt also benefits our white blood cells and can help to kill off infections. The ability to kill off infection also helps to lower inflammation while also boosting the immune system.  



Increase in heart disease 

A very well-known issue with having a high salt content in your diet is the potential for heart disease that comes with it. For years now, medical professionals have warned us about overindulging in salt. One of the main reasons why salt is so bad for the body is due to the fact it clogs the arteries.  If your arteries are clogged, then that means that your blood is unable to pass to your heart.  


Not recommended for pets 

Another issue that you will face due to salt is constantly having to ensure that your pets are not indulging in your salty food. It’s extremely difficult to stop your pets from eating food that you don’t want them to, so you can’t always keep on top of them. If you are a dog owner you should know that dogs can be harmed eating salty meats like pepperoni, so trying to avoid salty foods when being a pet owner is probably the best move.  


Sweet pros and cons  


Burst of energy  

One of the biggest benefits of eating sugar is the burst of energy that it gives you. Glucose is the body’s main source of fuel and without sugar, your body would have far less glucose to use.  Without the necessary energy, we would not have the necessary stamina to complete our daily tasks.  


Sugar can give you an instant mood boost 

With just how addictive sugar is, it will be no surprise to you that sugar can actually make you extremely happy. Sugar activates the pleasure receptors in your brain, which leads to the release of dopamine. The release of dopamine is what people associate with feelings of euphoria and happiness.  


Chocolate can help with thinking skills 

One of the most popular sugary snacks out there is chocolate. Dark chocolates are a natural source of sugar and can give you a sweet treat along with a number of health benefits. The consumption of chocolate can actually help to improve cognitive functions.  This is why chocolate is a recommended snack when you have a revision or an exam to prepare for.  




Cons of sweet food 

Tooth Decay  

One of the biggest issues that you will face with the overconsumption of sugar is tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur due to the sugars that break down the enamel in your teeth which offer a protective layer. Through repeated exposure to sugar, the enamel continues to break down, which may lead to cavities.  





One of the biggest problems that you may face through the excessive consumption of sugar is obesity. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems facing the world today. Obesity can lead to a number of other issues such as heart problems and other issues with the major organs.  

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