Sex appeal and love hormone up: Cuban food

Absorbing various food cultures

What do you think of when it comes to Cuban food?

Previously, the economy was developing with the support of the Soviet Union, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, that relationship disappeared, oil imports fell sharply, and organic farming developed as an industry that supports the economy.

Cuba is now attracting attention as a country with the highest level of organic farming in the world .

Since various races such as nationality, African, American, European, and Asian are invading, we are absorbing various food cultures.

The staple foid is rice, and there are many dishes that make full use of vegetables, fruits, seafood and various ingredients.

Many Cuban women who eat natural ingredients every day are healthy and beautiful, and have a moderate amount of sex appeal and love hormones. Cuba is famous all over the world as a country with many beautiful women.

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Eat and clean

Isn’t fruits and vegetables representative of foods that are good for beauty? I get the impression that beautiful people eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. What kind of ingredients are especially effective for beauty in vegetables and fruits? It contains plenty of various vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. as beauty ingredients that are useful for beautiful skin. In addition, many of them contain polyphenols and B vitamins, which have been attracting attention recently. It is an antioxidant and is very useful for keeping youthful. The recommended fruits that contain such ingredients are berries. Berry, which is said to be good for the eyes, is one of the things that you want to take positively. Mangos and persimmons also contain vitamin A. These fruits also contribute to maintaining beautiful skin. Vegetables and fruits are effective as foods that you can eat and become a sexy beauty.


In fact, there is a culture that the standard of beauty in Cuba is “hairy”. This is rare in the world, but there is an image of being passionate about hairiness, and Cuban women do not seem to treat much hair in the shins and below the elbows.


Female beard

There was a story in a drama a while ago that a woman who became a father had a beard. But even though she’s actually a woman, does she have a beard? Some people may think that. Even women can really grow beards. This is because it is not a beard, but the hair may become thicker and look like a beard. The appearance of male-like symptoms such as beard growth, thickened unwanted hair on the arms and chin, and thinning hair is called “maleization” of women, but 500 unmarried women aged 25 to 35 years. Fifteen percent of the respondents said they had a beard on their chin. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the hormones are out of balance. It can be said to be an aging phenomenon. It’s important to balance the hormones, so take soy products to supplement your love hormones. That is the way to prevent maleization.


Cuba’s unusual cosmetology


Avocado oil is a versatile oil, and among those oils, we especially recommend it. Let’s take a closer look at the secrets of such avocado oil.

Avocado is a fruit that is so nutritious that it is called forest butter.

The oil ingested from such avocado is the oil taken from the fruit by removing the skin and seeds from the avocado.

It’s a very light oil, and you shouldn’t be too sticky like olive oil.

It is a perfect oil for nourishing the skin because it is packed with plenty of vitamin E and minerals.

If you sew lightly before going to bed and sleep, the next day your skin will not be dry and will help you recover from the damage that causes skin fatigue.

No matter how sexy you are, if your skin is not shiny, it will be ruined.

Care with avocado oil is increasingly recommended due to the sometimes strong sunlight damage in the coming season.

It is recommended to increase the size of men because it is made of 100% Size Pro Ultra Natural Herbs, so you can use it with confidence.


Cuba’s representative drink



Mojito is a drink with plenty of mint leaves, and it is a cocktail that uses its refreshing sensation to gulp down alcohol with a high alcohol content.

Make white rum, soda and syrup together. Now you need to shake all ingredients together, using any cobbler shaker type. Sometimes you can squeeze the lemon to make it even more refreshing.

You have to drink a little alcohol to get the love hormone.

Cuban women take this drink on a daily basis.

Contrary to the refreshing taste, the alcohol content is quite high, so you need to be around.

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