Sweet Tooth: The 6 Best Desserts Ranked

Every one of us has our own guilty pleasure when it comes to food. Some of us adore carbs, some of us are obsessed with spicy goods and almost all of us have a sweet tooth.  When given the opportunity to delve into a dish full of sugar, many of us find it difficult to say no. Can you blame us? There is no better feeling than finishing a savory meal with a naughty treat and many of us spend the majority of our meal fantasizing about the dessert at the end.  With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to pick a favorite. You may have already picked a favorite dessert and you are looking to expand your horizons, either way here is our pick of the best 6 desserts that we think you will love.  


This Italian treat is the perfect mixture of crisp pastry and creamy filling. Coming in many flavors, this treat is bound to satisfy all of your sweet needs. We personally recommend that you try out a pistachio cannoli, which has all of the textures that you could look for in a dessert. The best way to experience this dessert is by having it freshly made, so look into where your local Italian deli is and visit for a sweet treat. This dessert is best accompanied by a creamy coffee or hot chocolate, so if you are looking for the perfect treat to end the night, you have found it. 


Everybody loves cake. The cake comes in all forms and there is a cake to meet absolutely everyone’s personal taste.  There is a reason that cake is used to celebrate aging and that is because everyone loves it. If you are someone that is weight conscious or you just follow a strict diet,  then you don’t have to worry. There are alternative healthy options for people who are worried about eating too much sugar, so this dessert really fits everyone’s needs. 




If you are looking for a sweet that is far more than your standard dessert, then we recommend that you venture out into the weird world of edibles. Edible chefs have become far more creative and have expanded past just brownies and cookies. We recommend delta 8 thc gummies for those of you that are not looking for an extremely filling edible. These gummies can be enjoyed slowly and will likely lead to you craving more and more sweet goods to divulge in. 

Vegan Candies 

Vegans believe that just because what they can eat is limited, they can’t enjoy desserts like the rest of us. This is not the case, in fact, there are now several companies that produce sweet treats that include no animal byproducts, so if you are someone that has decided to exclude animal products from your life, then you will be glad to know that you don’t have to get rid of desserts. We specifically recommend that you try vegan gummies, as it has taken a long time for vegan gummies to meet the quality of regular candies.  

Sweet Rice 

If you are looking for something much more filling, then you may want to try out sweet rice. Traditionally served in countries like India and Pakistan, this sweet treat is served as a follow-up to a meal. This is a favorite among lower-income families as traditional Asian sweets can be extremely expensive so sweet rice is a great way to get a sweet fix without breaking the bank. It is also extremely easy to make and extremely delicious, which is what everyone looks for in a dessert. 

Anything chocolate  

Everyone loves chocolate and if you do not love chocolate then it is likely that there is something wrong with you. Of course, we are kidding, but one of the best dessert recommendations that we can make is helping yourself to any form of chocolate. There are too many brilliant chocolate desserts for us to pick just one, from mousse to cookies, you are bound to find some sort of chocolate dessert that you love.  There are also several types of chocolate, from dark to white and with a combination of different flavours, there are plenty that you can get lost in. 

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