Tea or Coffee: Which Drink Reigns Supreme

Something that is widely believed is that you’re either a coffee person or a tea person. Much like the argument of cats vs dogs, people who love tea and coffee seem to take the argument quite seriously.

Obviously, the taste is a completely subjective thing, but there is a lot of subtext surrounding the two drinks that people tend to bring into the argument involving the two, such as sustainability and quality.  Though we are unable to distinctly say which of the two is better, due to the subjectivity of taste, we can offer our opinion of which of the two reigns supreme based on a number of factors.


Health Benefits

Away from taste, both drinks have their own medical benefits that make them stand out in the market.  Though it may be hard to believe, research has shown that both drinks can significantly decrease the risk of developing diabetes, this is of course if you don’t overuse sugar and other sweeteners.

You may also be surprised to learn that both drinks show significant benefits for your heart. Coffee in particular helps with improving blood flow through the heart, which means that the rest of your body will be regulated.  If you are someone who is at risk of developing a heart condition, we recommend that you invest in a manual coffee grinder, just be sure to not overdo how much coffee you are drinking as using anything in excess isn’t good for you.

Though it has been a wives tale for many years, research now shows that tea can be very useful when combatting general illness and even preventing some kinds of cancers. The reasoning behind this is that tea contains a lot of antioxidants that support your body in ridding itself of any disease or illness. Though tea should not be depended on as a form of medication, if you are someone that prefers a more natural approach to treatment, then you should look into the different benefits that come with different flavors of tea.


Energy and Sleep

It is no secret that everyone’s go-to drink when it comes to wanting to wake up in the morning is coffee. Both tea and coffee contain caffeine, which is crucial to waking up the body if you are running on little sleep. Though both drinks contain caffeine, your standard cup of coffee contains way more caffeine than your standard cup of tea, which means it is much more effective at waking you up.

Though coffee is fast-acting, it is also quick burning. This means it goes through your system very quickly, which means you are more likely to crash and lose the effects of the caffeine faster. Though this is the case, studies have also shown that people who drink coffee throughout the day struggle to sleep at night, which will just mean having to drink more coffee the next day.

Tea is slow-burning, which means it will slowly release the energy that you need in order to complete tasks throughout the day. For this reason, you will need to drink less tea as the day goes on. However, if you do choose to have a cup before bed, you won’t have to worry about staying awake as you would with coffee.


Staining of Teeth

If you are a coffee drinker, then you will know that a big problem that coffee drinkers have to overcome is your teeth staining. Coffee comes in rich dark colors, which over time will naturally discolor your teeth. Though this can be kept on top of, sometimes it can happen without being noticed.

Tea does not have the same effect on your teeth, so we would have to give it the upper hand there.

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