The 7 Most Interesting Vape Flavors You Should Definitely Try

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things for a person to do, if you’ve never started smoking then you won’t be able to understand why it is so hard to quit. Studies in recent years have shown that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances there is, it is almost as addictive as cocaine. Smoking is such an unhealthy habit that a study found that 7 in 10 smokers want to quit smoking but they can’t manage to. Quitting smoking however is one of the best things that smokers can do for their body, smoking is damaging to almost every part of your body, it causes harm to all of your organs and in particular your lungs and your heart. Over 30% of deaths that occur from heart disease can be traced back to smoking or even second-hand smoke. Luckily, vaping whilst not fully safe is much safer than smoking and many people are turning from cigarettes to vapes. There are plenty of vapes out there including disposable vapes which are becoming the bestselling vapes, you can find all the best disposable vapes online on sites like Amazon if you’re wanting to purchase one. Another thing that makes vaping much better than smoking is that there are hundreds of flavors out there for you to try, we’ve tested lots of them and we’ve found the 7 most interesting flavors that if you already vape or you’re thinking of vaping will be great to try.  

Why you should get a vape

If you’re trying to quit smoking there are so many reasons why you should turn to a vape instead of cigarettes and we’ll cover the most important ones here. Nicotine is such an addictive substance that quitting smoking cold turkey requires a lot of willpower and is extremely difficult, if you turn to vape instead then you can gradually lower how much nicotine you’re smoking until your body is no longer reliant on it, this is a much more manageable way to quit. Tobacco has over 100 harmful chemicals in it but vaping has many less, whilst it would be better to not smoke either if you’re trying to quit then vaping will be doing a lot less harm to your body. Finally, although you have to make the initial purchase of the vape, once you have done vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking. 

Butter Flavor

Whilst you may enjoy many butter-flavored foods like buttery popcorn, this vapes liquid just tastes purely like butter. If you ever wanted to eat a tub of butter when you were a child but your mum wouldn’t let you then this is your second chance as it tastes the same. We thought that this flavor would be bad but trust us it was surprisingly nice and we would recommend it. 




Roast Chicken 

If it gets to Sunday and you’re always craving a roast dinner but can never be bothered to make one, then this flavor vape liquid will be great for you. Instead of having to cook, you can smoke your roast chicken and it is just as tasty as the real thing. Or if you’ve turned vegetarian but you miss chicken, then this is a great solution as this liquid is vegetarian-friendly. 




There are many huge garlic lovers out there who can’t add enough garlic to their meals when they cook, if you’re one of those people then this liquid will be perfect for you. It was one of the most interesting as the smell was really strong, but the taste was slightly better than the smell, however, if you vape inside you need to be prepared for your whole house to smell like garlic if you try it. 


Another really popular food that has been turned into a vape flavor, this one is also great for vegetarians as many vegetarians say they miss bacon the most, this way you can still get the taste of it. Whilst this flavor doesn’t come close to tasting as nice as the real thing, it was fairly pleasant but tasted more like thin crispy bacon than normal bacon. 


This one we were terrified to test out, some flavors just shouldn’t be turned into a vape liquid and this was one of them. The smell of the liquid wasn’t bad which made us think that it might be bearable to smoke but we were wrong. The flavor was much milder than we expected but the tuna flavor still doesn’t belong in a vape, but if you’re a massive tuna fan you’ll love this flavor. 


This one might surprise people as a flavor as eating wasabi sauce sounds awful so turning it into a vape liquid flavor seems bizarre. There were no online reviews of this flavor as the thought of it must put people off but when we tried it, as much as we wouldn’t have it again, it could have been much worse.  





It is surprising that crab-flavored vape liquid even exists as who thought that would be a good idea or a pleasant experience. If you’re looking for the weirdest flavor then this is definitely it. The smell of the liquid smelt like a fish counter in a supermarket and it tasted like being at a fish market in the summer, if you’re brave enough to try this one make sure you prepare yourself. 

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