The 9 Best Food Products to Wholesale in Alibaba

By now you must have heard of Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the biggest online sales sites in the world and is China’s go to ecommerce site. Alibaba has millions of users everyday and in a review of alibaba the site is said to be  much more popular than Amazon in some regions of the world. 

As well as having millions of users, Alibaba also has millions of sellers. You can find items from technology to food products. Food products are actually very widely sold on Alibaba and it is one of the most popular categories on the site. If you are someone that is interested in becoming a seller, then you may be looking for the right food product to sell.


One of the most popular foods that are sold wholesale on Alibaba are sweets. Sweets are extremely popular, which means that there is a high demand for them. The kind of people that buy sweets are usually shop owners, which means that they will be buying in bulk. Sweets are also full of sugar, which means that they will be preserved for a long time which gets rid of any concern that the sweets will go off before reaching their destination.

Vegan Goods

There has been a big surge in people wanting to eat vegan. The moral implications of eating meat and animal based products have become much more well known and for that reason more and more people are wanting to go vegan. There are a number of goods that fall under the vegan category, from sweets to meat alternatives. Vendors will want to buy these goods in bulk so that they can catch up with the new vegan trends. 

Herbal Tea

Something that you may know is that the world loves tea in every form. There is nothing better than a nice warm tea to end an evening and due to the natural ingredients of herbal

 tea, a lot of people are turning to it in order to solve some of their health issues.  Herbal tea has a lot of health benefits and it is recommended as a healthy alternative to medicine, which is why so many companies like to purchase it in large quantities so they can sell it.

Plant Based Meat Alternatives

As stated, a lot of people are straying away from meat products in search of a healthier lifestyle.  Good plant based meat alternatives can be hard to find and once someone has found it, they will want to make sure that they have plenty stocked. In Asian countries, vegetarianism is very common and so you will be able to reach a large potential customer base. 

Organic Goods

This is something that you have to be careful with due to the possibility of the food going off during transit, but organic goods are extremely desirable across the world. We recommend that you only create or source your products to order, so that you don’t have a lot of products that could potentially go to waste. There are some regulations on natural food produce, like fruit and vegetables, so be sure to check the regulations out before selling.

Coconut and Olive Oil


Coconut and high quality olive oils are actually much more desirable for wholesale than you may think. Olive oil is used for cooking and other processes and it is one of the most common oils for this job. Coconut oils are also used for cooking and on top of that they are used for many beauty procedures. Due to the diverse uses for the product, it has become extremely popular and so can easily be sold wholesale.


Soda is something that is always bought in bulk and so if you want to be able to sell in bulk, we recommend that you get a collection of tasty soda that everyone loves and you will be sure to turn a tasty profit. 

Chocolate Goods

Chocolate is something that is very easy to sell online and it is often desired in large quantities so you don’t have to worry about not getting sales in it. Chocolate also has a very long shelf life, which means that you can store it for some time without worrying about it going off.

Gluten Free foods

Many people are switching to gluten free diets due to health and dietary requirements, which means that there is an increased demand in people who want to purchase gluten free products. Once again you have to be careful with the shelf life, but you should be ok.

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