The Complete Guide to Eating like an Olympic Athlete

The level of fitness that is required for you to compete as a professional Olympic athlete is heavily dependent on you maintaining a strict healthy diet that has been tailored to help you get to the standard you need to be working at to be successful. This is not an easy commitment and you should be aware before you start training that it is going to require a huge amount of mental and physical preparation and preparedness for the hard journey that is to come.  

If you are a beginner in this area you need to be prepared to be able to facilitate a full body transformation, most Olympic athletes and the sports they compete in require strong stamina and physical body strength, every year there is some very impressive competition so you should definitely research current Olympic athletes to get an idea of where you will need to be in terms of physical fitness and muscle to body ratio. Your exercise plan will be harsh and likely to involve daily training sessions to help get you ready, if you want to see good results you will also need to consider your diet plan and what types of foods you should be eating at different points of the day.  

Nutritional value

A great way to help make sure that your physical and mental health is in good shape would be to ensure that you are choosing foods with nutritional value, rather than going for quick and easy convenience snacks that are basically empty calories or full of sugar and preservatives, you should look for foods that are more fulfilling and are going to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Things like whole foods with nuts and grains are a great source of protein and fiber or foods that are high in calcium to maintain your bone’s health are a great choice also.  

It may sound like a cliche but eating plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day either as snacks or within your daily meals is a great way to inject some nutrients into your body. You should try and go for the freshest options that are available so that you avoid any harmful additives, eating fresh meals with a mixture of proteins and fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for the mind and body which will help facilitate the strenuous Olympic training process. 

Calorie Deficit

A huge part of getting your body into the right state for Olympic level competition is to reduce your fat and increase your muscle to body ratio, as you get leaner your muscles should also start to increase in size and strength meaning that you will become better suited for the Olympic standard and see a huge increase in your stamina and power level. With all of the strange diet plans that are out there claiming to be the new nest thing for getting into shape, it can be hard to know how to lose weight. My advice would be to forget all of that and focus on your exercise plan, all you need to remember is that to lose weight you need to be burning more calories than you are taking in, by doing regular exercise and making healthier choices with what you eat you should see results in no time.  

Balanced Diet

As you start to increase the amount of exercise you are doing on a daily basis you will begin to notice that you are much hungrier throughout the day and that you need to eat more substantial meals than you did previously. Once your body starts to get used to your more strenuous fitness regime your appetite will skyrocket, although when building muscle mass you can afford to bulk up and increase your calorie intake. However once the weight starts coming on you should definitely think about increasing the amount of nutritionally balanced meals you are making as you will need to retain your stamina, health, and overall physical fitness as well as increasing your calorie intake, it is all about finding that perfect balance of foods with increased calories and foods with nutritional value and proteins that are going to promote your bodies fitness.  


Making sure that you are eating plenty of protein is very important if you are wanting to increase your muscle mass and to increase their strength, it is also very important that your muscles are strengthened by an increased diet of protein as they will be more susceptible to injury as your training increases in severity. Protein is a great food to include within your daily meals, including foods like eggs, red meats like beef or peanuts are all great sources of protein that will help you build muscle in a safe and healthy way.  


There is a common misconception when it comes to eating carbohydrates that they are unhealthy foods, this isn’t the case and as long as you are following your exercise regime carbs are actually a big part of getting to Olympic level in your training. Carbohydrates provide the body with a  large amount of slow-releasing energy, you should eat carbs a few hours before you are planning a big training session, that way your body has enough time to digest the carbohydrates and you will be fueled and ready to go. Carbohydrates are only unhealthy when you do not use the required energy to convert it to glucose in the body, during training this glucose will give you the energy you need to push yourself further, however, if you do not do any exercise alongside a diet of carbohydrates the excess will be converted to fat. This is why it is so important that you tailor your exercise training and your diet plan together so that the two can work together to get you to an Olympic standard of performance.  


Many people hear the word supplement and instantly think about dangerous and illegal steroid treatments, what many people don’t know is that there are a wide variety of vitamin treatments and training supplements that are not only legal but a great help for those looking to achieve an Olympic standard of health and fitness. If you are looking to build muscle mass but feel that you need some help to reach your goal then I would highly recommend that you take a look at these reviews of alternatives to steroids that are legal, reading a success story from someone who has used products like these before can be a huge help if you are not familiar with them.  


As mentioned previously your diet is going to be a huge factor in achieving your goals of becoming an Olympic athlete, but it is very important to consider that your diet plan will only really work to the best of its ability if it is paired with a strong fitness plan. The exercise you do in combination with your diet should be the main focus of your journey towards being an Olympic athlete, over time you will get used to these changes and when you are standing on that podium with your medals it will all be worth it.  

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